Your Care Record And Confidentiality

Confidentiality of patient records is very important to us. All our staff are bound by the same rules of patient confidentiality as the GPs.

At the surgery we are responsible for and take care of each patients’ GP based health record. Below is a link to a document that helps to explain how we manage your records. The attached leaflet was written by the NHS and explains how your medical records are now, and will in the future, be managed by anyone working in the NHS.

For more information please read our Confidentiality Policy.

The Summary Care Record (SCR)

Aspects of your clinical record will soon be uploaded into a central national database – known as ‘the spine’ –  which will then be available, with your permission, for clinicians to look at in other healthcare settings such as your local hospital. The aspects of your record that they will be able to see are :

What medication you are on;
What allergies you have;
Any bad reactions to medication you have had.

Anyone who does not want to have a Summary Care Record (SCR) uploaded onto the central database has to opt out by informing their GP Surgery in writing with a signature for every member of the household who wishes to opt out. Their surgery will then put a code into their records which shows that they have “opted out” and their records will not be uploaded.

Care Data Programme

In October 2013, a new ‘modern data service’ has been commissioned by NHS England which will commence extracting information from patients’ clinical records. This information will help provide a wealth of data to inform the development of the health service in the future.

If you are happy for data from your patient record to be used in this way then you do not need to do anything. If you want to opt out of the data extraction service, please write to the surgery, with a signature for every member of the household that wishes to opt out or download the opt-out form below. The surgery will then put a code into your record which shows that they have “opted out” and information from their records will not be extracted.

Please be aware that the Summary Care Record code and the Care Data codes are different. If you do not want either, you have to opt out of both.

If you do wish to allow us to share your details with a third party you may give permission in writing.