Contacting Your Doctor

By phone

All the doctors at the surgery are available to speak to on the phone on some days of the week. If you wish to use this method, please phone the main surgery number before 11am and Patient Services will take your name and phone number(s) on which you will definitely be available. The doctor will then phone you back when they are free that day, usually around lunchtime. Please be aware that not every doctor is in the surgery each weekday.

However, if you call after 11am or have an urgent issue there will always be one GP on standby, ready to respond accordingly throughout the day.

Contact a Doctor Online

We provide an online service to enable our patients to contact a doctor via email. This service should be used when you have a question for your GP which can be answered by email and does not necessarily need either a visit to the surgery or a telephone call.

This service should not be used for urgent concerns as the speed of the response from the GP will depend on the pressure of work at the surgery. For urgent queries, phone the surgery and ask for an appointment or phone call from our on-call GP.

Enter Online Services

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Contact a Practice Nurse

We know that as a patient you may not always feel you need to speak to a doctor, which if why we also offer a service which allows you to contact a nurse instead. To contact a nurse please phone the health centre’s contact number and inform Patient Services. They shall then arrange for the nurse to phone you back as soon as they are free.