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PLEASE NOTE: This service is only available using our Patient2Practice online services. This service is not available on the Patient Access online services. If you have not registered for the Patient2Practice online services and would like to use the “Ask Your Doctor A Question” facility you can find out more information here.

We provide an online service to enable our patients to contact a doctor via email. This service should be used when you have a question for your GP which can be answered by email and does not necessarily need either a visit to the surgery or a telephone call. This service should not be used for urgent concerns as the speed of the response from  the GP will depend on the pressure of work at the surgery. For urgent queries, phone the surgery and ask for an appointment or phone call from our oncall GP.

The sorts of question areas that can be sent via the website are:

  • Sending information to your doctor about reactions to new medication
  • A query about blood results
  • A request for a fit note if you have already been seen for this condition

To ask a question, select one GP from the drop down list and type in your question. Your question should be short and to the point. The doctor cannot enter into a long dialogue via the website. If this is needed, they will ask you to come in for an appointment.

Please do not request repeat medication – these requests should go to the Dispensary.

The doctor will aim to respond to your question within 2 working days, but it may be longer if pressure from other work intrudes.

Please be aware that if a GP’s name does not appear in the drop down list on the Ask a Doctor a question form, this is because they are either on annual leave or sick leave.  If the GP you wish to message does not have their name displayed in the drop down selection it is because they are not available at this time. Please do not send your request to another Doctor. 

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