Patient Survey 2012-2013

Each year the surgery conducts a survey to enable us to get the views of our patients on how the surgery is performing.

Following discussion with our Patient Participation Group (PPG), we agreed to develop our own questionnaire this year. In the past we have used a company (IPQ) who produced the questionnaire which we distributed and then returned the completed questionnaires to IPQ who analysed the results and produced a report. This year we wanted to adapt the questionnaire so that there were some questions that were surgery specific. This included questions about the Dispensary and about the Out of Hours (OOH) service – at the request of the PPG. It was pointed out to our PPG that the Out of Hours Service is out of the remit of the surgery, but they felt it would be useful to gauge public opinion of this service and we could then pass on this information to PML who manage the OOH service.

Our survey took place in early February 2013. Surveys were emailed to patients on our email database and handed out/made available to patients who attended both the Surgery and Dispensary for completion either in-house or at home.

We had 497 returned questionnaires which are 5.3% of our population. This compared with previous surveys which were based on ~270 questionnaires, so we felt we had a more representative sample this time.

The survey which was given out to patients is here: Patient Survey The results of the survey are available here: Patient Survey 2013 Results

All members of our Patient Group were either sent or emailed copies of the survey results.

We subsequently had meetings in the surgery (18/3/13) and with our Patient Participation Group in March 2013 to review the results of this survey. The discussions were as follows:

    • The group felt that overall the survey was extremely positive with 95% of patients very satisfied with the service they received and the degree of satisfaction had increased from previous years which was very gratifying.
    • There were several comments about parking at the Health Centre, including comments about the disabled parking space. The Patient Group felt it was important to act where possible and so we plan to have the lines around the disabled parking space repainted, so that they stand out more. These lines had been repainted in October 2012 –less than 6 months ago- but a combination of the bad winter and putting down salt in the car park had combined to make the lines fade quickly; we are purchasing a ‘Disabled Parking’ sign for that parking bay.
    • The group felt that the surgery could be doing more to inform patients waiting to see a GP, when that GP was running late with their surgery. This is being reinforced with the Reception staff who are tasked with informing patients about late running surgeries. When they check in at reception, the manager will also investigate if it is possible to automatically inform patients about this via our ‘Automatic check in’ system.
    • There were several comments in the survey about the waiting room and again the group felt that we needed to act on these comments. We discussed what could be done and came up with the plan to  we restock the toys and books in the children’s play area.
    • We agreed with the group that we would use some of the comments in the survey as a basis for the next surgery newsletter, answering comments about specific aspects of care, for example: to explain why we don’t give patients a 3 month supply of repeat medication; and that we do now have an in-house private podiatry service available.
    • Overall, reflecting on the views expressed via the survey, the group felt that what was required was to deliver more of the same high quality, patient centred healthcare.