Medication Reviews

Why do we do Medication reviews?

It is important to review medication regularly to make sure it is appropriate for you. Each individual varies biologically which means different medications suit different people better. By having medication reviews we can help make sure you are benefiting well from your medicine.

How do we organise the medication reviews?

Within our database we safely and securely record all of our patients information allowing us to understand all we can to make sure we can make you feel in tip-top shape. On a patient’s computer record there is a repeat prescription document containing a review date. When this date expires you will be invited for a medication review by letter in your next prescription bag or a sticker on your repeat sheet. It is important you pay attention to such notices so we can make sure your medication prescriptions can continue.

What happens at a medication review?

  • We confirm which medicines you are taking on a regular or as required basis.
  • We make sure you understand why you have been given that medicine and know how to take it or use devices such as inhalers.
  • You may be asked about any herbal remedies or supplements you take as they can interfere with your prescribed medications.
  • Practical aspects of ordering and obtaining supplies can also be discussed.
  • We offer medication support where necessary such as reminder charts or “dossette” boxes or other appliances.
  • We answer your questions about the medicines you take.
  • We update the review date for an appropriate time period.
  • We invite you to attend any blood tests or blood pressure check-ups as appropriate.

The pharmacist will do medication reviews but if you need a blood test you will need to see the nurse or phlebotomist.

It is important to pay attention to such notices so we can make sure your repeat medication requests can continue to be provided by the Dispensary.