About Our Online Services

Using the Online Services

By registering with the Deddington Health Centre online services you can access many of the practice services safely and securely via the web. Patients of the Deddington Health Centre may use this service at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You should not use this service for emergencies or urgent requests. In these circumstances always contact the practice by telephone immediately, or if the practice is closed, the Out Of Hours service. The telephone numbers are on the home page.


What are our online services?

At the moment we are currently running two different online services. One service is called PATIENT ACCESS and the other is called PATIENT2PRACTICE. Both services function separately using different software & information, which means patients will need different log in details depending on the service they require.

Features Available On Patient Access

  • Book an appointment online
  • Cancel an appointment online
  • Request a repeat prescription online
  • AVAILABLE NOW: Update your contact details online
  • COMING SOON: View a summary of your medical records including test results, medications, allergies and immunisations.

Features Available On Patient2Practice

  • Ask your doctor a question online


How do I register for these services?

Patient Access

To register for Patient Access you will need to come to the Health Centre and ask for a “Patient Access Letter” from reception. Please note that we will require photo ID for us to enable this service for you.

Find out more information about Patient Access



The first time you use these services you will need to register online by providing us with your contact details. You will be prompted for information about the service you are requesting. When you complete the request, the request is sent to the practice. The practice handles the requests during the normal working day. If you send a request on Friday evening the practice won’t normally see it until Monday morning. Once the practice has processed your request they will send you a response either acknowledging the request or containing the information you requested.

Register online to use Patient2Practice

Find out more about Patient2Practice

  • If you need some help signing up to the Patient2Practice online services we have created a guide to help…


Already Registered?

If you have already registered for one of Deddington Health Centre’s online services please use the appropriate button below to log in:

Log In to use Patient Access

Log In to use Patient2Practice


Is it secure?

These service use the same level of security as used by online banks. Only the practice sees the data you are sending. No-one else has access to the information.