Over The Counter Restrictions

Restriction on prescribing of over the counter medicines

  • Prescribing of common over the counter medicines such as those to treat hayfever, mild pain, mild indigestion and dry skin is now restricted in Oxfordshire and the wider NHS. This includes patients who do not pay for their prescriptions.
  • The cost of these medicines to you is much lower than to the NHS
  • Have a look online at a reputable retailer or in your local pharmacy or supermarket and you will be surprised at how cheaply these drugs can be purchased
  • Please help yourself by keeping a well-stocked medicine cupboard at home containing all off these simple home remedies

A list of medications that will now not be prescribed in normal circumstances is below:

  • Paracetamol unless more than 32 tablets per week are required for a chronic condition
  • Ibuprofen, unless more than 28 tablets per month are required on an ongoing basis for a chronic condition
  • Anti-inflammatory creams eg Voltarol, Ibuleve, Movelat unless required for a chronic condition that is not expected to improve
  • Antihistamine tablets or creams except where required on a continuous basis for chronic rhinosinusitis and chronic urticaria
  • Antacids eg Gaviscon unless needed regularly
  • Drops to soften wax or cleanse ear canals
  • Sodium cromoglycate eye drops for hayfever
  • Creams, ointments or suppositories for piles unless failure to respond to over the counter preparations containing steroid and local anaesthetic
  • Steroid creams in adults eg Hydrocortisone, Eumovate) except where they have proved ineffective or a larger quantity than 30g is required
  • Antifungal creams eg Canesten, Daktarin, Lamisil unless combination with steroid required
  • Aciclovir cream eg Zovirax
  • Bath and shower wash products
  • Moisturisers for occasional use on dry skin (patients with chronic skin conditions can still have these on prescription)
  • Vitamin D except for established osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Antiseptic mouth washes eg Corsodyl
  • Oral nutritional supplements eg Complan, except in very limited circumstances