Asthma Clinic and COPD Services

Asthma Clinic

The asthma and COPD clinics are run by our Nursing services manager, Clare Clemens, in conjunction with input from Dr Mike D’Souza.  At an asthma clinic appointment, our nurse assesses and reviews a patient’s symptoms and medications. She will check your peak flow (how strongly you can blow out into a tube) and may give you an asthma diary to keep at home, to enable you to record how well your asthma symptoms are being controlled.

An annual check-up is recommended as the minimum review but check- ups are recommended more frequently for patients whose asthma is unstable, or when there is a change in medication and following an asthma attack.

The  aim of the  asthma review  is  to manage  asthma  effectively and  to choose the  most  suitable medication for that person to enable them to be symptom free  and  prevent  or reduce asthma attacks.

COPD Clinic

The aim of the COPD clinic is also to assess and review a COPD patient’s symptoms and medications.  At the appointment, the nurse may check how well your lungs are working with Spirometry which is also used to help diagnose asthma and COPD.

At a minimum our COPD patients are reviewed annually, but those whose COPD is more severe will be invited to more frequent appointments to this clinic, in order to support them to keep their illness under control throughout the year.