Chronic Disease Monitoring

The surgery runs a chronic disease monitoring programme for the following diseases:

COPD (chronic Lung Disease)
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patients are invited by letter from the surgery to come to an appointment with one of our Practice Nurses. We send out the letters in the month of your birthday. So if you are born in May and have a chronic disease, a letter is sent to you in May each year inviting you to attend the surgery. You then ring up Reception on 01869 338611 and book an appointment with the Practice Nurse for your annual review.

The letter will also tell you if you need to have a blood test in advance of coming for that appointment, and whether you need to bring a urine sample with you. For some of the annual reviews, you will also be sent a questionnaire (called GPPAQ) to complete, and we would be grateful if you could fill this in before you come to the appointment, so that the nurse can quickly input that information on the computer.