Minor Surgeries

Skin Surgery

Dr Chambers is able to perform a wide range of skin surgery procedures but the NHS will only fund procedures for lumps and bumps which are causing significant irritation, pain or annoyance.  This does not include those which are purely cosmetic ie you don’t like the look of them. In addition, if he feels that you have a worrying mole or skin lesion he will arrange to refer you to a hospital specialist for treatment as these cannot be treated in the surgery.

All patients need to book a routine appointment to discuss their skin problem prior to being booked in for any procedure.

Joint Injections

A variety of joint and soft tissue conditions can sometimes be helped by injection of a steroid into or around the joint.  Examples would be certain shoulder problems, arthritis of the knee and smaller joints (not hips), plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr Ruddock performs the widest variety of injections but most of our doctors can inject the larger joints such as shoulder or knee.  Your doctor will be able to advise on this when you have your initial consultation.

Please do not book in for a joint injection without first speaking to your doctor.