Cervical Screening and Smears

All women aged between 25 – 65 years are offered a smear test :

Every 3 years for those aged  25 – 50
Every 5 years for those aged  50 –  65

Letters inviting you for a smear do not come from the surgery, they come from the Health Authority. When you receive a letter, just ring the surgery on 01869 338611 to book a smear appointment with one of our Practice Nurses. The smear can be done at any time in your cycle except when you have a period. The results will be sent in a letter to you within 2 -3 weeks (again the letter does not come from the surgery). If you need follow up after a smear, reminders will be sent to you from the Health Authority.

If you don’t want to have a smear for any reason, there is an option to decline on the bottom of the letter you are sent. Sign it and send it to the surgery and we will let the Health Authority know. If you do decline a smear, you will be sent a further invitation in 3 years’ time, but you can phone the surgery and come earlier if you want to.