Deddington Health Centre is a partnership consisting of 4 GP Partners and 4 Salaried GP’s.

Dr Sue Ruddock – Senior GP Partner

Dr Sue Ruddock – Senior GP PartnerBSc (Hons) MB ChB(Hons) MRCP (UK) DRCOG DFSRH (Registered Birmingham 1984)

I am particularly interested in Musculo-skeletal problems, Diabetes and Family Planning. I fit coils and contraceptive implants. I also administer various soft tissue injections. GMC No: 2824808
Dr James McLaughlin – GP Partner

Dr James McLaughlin – GP PartnerMB BCH MRCGP (Registered Belfast 1992)

I am in charge of training at the surgery so I oversee our medical students and GP trainee doctors. Apart from that I am a general, all round GP. GMC No: 3585322
Dr Mike D’Souza – GP Partner

Dr Mike D’Souza – GP PartnerMBBS DCH MRCGP (Registered London 1990)

My main interest is Respiratory illnesses such as Asthma and COPD. I also do joint injections. GMC No: 3329816
Dr Martyn Chambers – GP Partner

Dr Martyn Chambers – GP Partner BSc MBBS MRCP (UK) MRCGP DPD (Registered London 1997)

My main interests are Dermatology  (skin problems – rashes, moles, acne etc) and Minor Surgery. GMC No: 4416865
Dr Hannah Ward – Salaried GP

Dr Hannah Ward – Salaried GPMRCP MRCGP (Registered Southampton 1998)

My interest is in Women’s Health, particularly hormonal problems and Rheumatology. I also fit contraceptive implants. GMC No: 4519342
Dr Helen Winpenny – Salaried GP

Dr Helen Winpenny – Salaried GPMBBS DRCOG MRCGP (Registered London 1993)

I am interested in Women’s Health, Family Planning (I fit coils) and dermatology.  I also do minor surgery such as excision of small skin lesions & cysts. GMC No: 4038113
Dr Bethan Willis

Dr Bethan WillisDCH, MBCLB (Registered Liverpool 2007)

I am completing my GP training at Deddington Health Centre and have a special interest in Paediatrics.
Dr Alia Butt – Salaried GP

Dr Alia Butt – Salaried GP

MuDR, MRCPCH, DFSRH, MRCGP (Registered 2006 Czech Republic). My main interests are Paediatrics (child health), Dermatology (skin problems) and Allergies. I also fit coils and contraceptive implants. GMC: 6146396
Dr Tim Brimecombe – Salaried GP

Dr Tim Brimecombe – Salaried GP BA BM BCh MRCP (Registered Oxford 2013)

My main interests are Dermatology and Musculoskeletal issues.  I also do various joint and soft tissue injections.  GMC No: 7283654.