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It looks like the 30c weather is here for another few days. The following links will provide some useful information on how to cope in hot weather:

Home Adaptations Services – questionnaire for people aged 50 and carers with recent experience of using the service

Elaine Ulett is a researcher at Oxford Brookes University. With colleagues, she is exploring the potential of integrating the fast-track home adaptation services for older people into health and social care services.

Home adaptations are carried out to make the home environment safer for individuals. This could prevent people from needing to move into a care home, and / or could facilitate faster discharge from hospitals. Integrating the services could ensure timely home adaptations through the Government’s fast track home adaptation grants.

If you have recent experience of using a Home Adaptations Service, are aged 50 years or older or care for someone 50 years old or older, we would welcome your views in response to the questions below:

If you would prefer to talk through your experiences, please reply to eulett@brookes.ac.uk.  Any information you provide will be anonymised.